CompanyOut of Summer Hybernation… and Into Cross Campus!

Yeah, yeah, you hibernate in the winter, right? Not us. We’ve been hitting it hard all summer in our work cave, but now we’re back! We’d originally thought about a co-working tour last spring, but got busy with clients and just let it go. Cut to September when we took one of our clients to[…..]

Out of Summer Hybernation... and Into Cross Campus!


CompanyThe Importance of Contracts in Small Business

Lolo Siderman, Founder and CEO of Gypsywing Media discusses the importance of contracts. This video breaks down how contracts will protect you in small business. As a small business owner, having contracts in place is very important. Sometimes it’s even more important than for a large business. Our client relationships are the blood of our business.[…..]

The Importance of Contracts in Small Business


CompanyWhen and How to Fire a Client

Lolo Siderman, Founder and CEO of Gypsywing Media discusses letting a client go. These suggestions will help you work out methods for assessing and firing a client at the right time. As a business owner you may come across the serious problem client from time to time, and knowing when and how to fire a client[…..]

When and How to Fire a Client


CompanyChic CEO – Shut the Front Door!

March 12, 2012 – We recently met some awesome ladies who run Chic CEO while at a conference. Check out their blog post on some of the shenanigans that occurred while we were in line together… If you own a business, you need to have a swift elevator pitch that will quickly explain what it[…..]

Chic CEO - Shut the Front Door!


CompanyBuilding A Solid Brand

Lolo Siderman talks about building a brand. These five simple tips will help you create a sticky brand that will draw in customers and keep them. A brand represents a promise to your customers Maintain consistency with logo design & colors Take the time to create a professional website Follow through to fulfill brand expectations Pay[…..]


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