CompanyDocStoc “Fireside” Chat with TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington


Listening in as DocStoc’s Jason Nazar and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington discussed the ups & downs of business was not quite as enlightening as I’d hope, but interesting nonetheless.

Arrington is incredibly blunt and, at times, painfully honest. When most of us would skirt an issue to keep things smooth, Michael dives right in – for example, sharing that he’d rather be at the bar than sitting on stage with Jason 😉 But, while some found him offensive, I actually thought it was rather refreshing to see someone on stage just saying whatever they really thought!

And for a little biz insight, Arrington’s reply when asked what types of businesses are interesting to him now:

– Those with network effects (meaning companies who’s product/service becomes more valuable as more people use it – fax, Facebook, etc)

– Companies that can grow without incurring significant increases in costs

– Mobile focused companies, but is concerned about how crowded this space has become

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  1. John Exley says:

    Nice nice nice. Arrington is a personal hero of mine. Got the video anywhere?

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