CompanyFantastic Art at “30 Open Doors” at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica

Some Beautiful Pieces at “30 Open Doors” in Santa Monica

Dec 16, 2011 – All galleries united for a single evening, so visitors could experience all that Bergamot Station has to offer in a single trip. The galleries’ regular hours differ, so this is a unique event and one I was thrilled to be a part of!

Check out some of the gorgeous work…

Love the one on the left!

Giant gorgeous stone sculpture

Powerful piece. Love the technique.

Incredible pieces - all looked like they had real masking tape holding paper onto the canvas. The illusion held up until inches away from the canvas!

Even the parking lot was something to see

Fantastic, bold use of black

Painting was done over actual newsclippings

This is a painting, not a photo! All pieces in this gallery were very high contrast, realistic, and beautifully done

Love the black frame and the piece inside it

Creepy Copro Gallery

Occupy 16 - artwork being created around me as people used markers to add their own thoughts on how to make our world a better place

R2D2 Takes a Country Stroll

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