Capture the power of online business.

Our web developers and skilled designers are excited to create your online vision and social media presence.

Website Design
Gypsywing’s designers are experts in web design and customer service, which is why we love working with clients to construct the perfect design for your products and services. We can polish and improve an existing site, completely change your old website to reflect a new direction, or create a brand new site from scratch. We are committed to giving you a custom site that fits your image and your needs, in an efficient and effective manner.

Our philosophy is to empower our customers, through content management solutions. We focus on giving our clients the best designer for their unique project, and then showing you how to manage the content yourself, quickly and easily. Or our designers can keep your web presence updated for you. Your website is yours to control.

System Architecture and Wireframing
This system allows you and Gypsywing’s development team to stay in contact and in sync, on track and on budget. We like to assure that your finished site will possess all of the features you expect and will be completed when YOU need it.

By including the capability for YOU to log-in to your own website to make changes, you are able to:
– Add to discussion feeds/forums
– Change font, size, style, color, etc.
– Control positioning of content, such as photos
– Create new lists
– Post new photos and edit/delete old content
– Create and delete entire pages
– Control site navigation
– Manage multiple levels of users and groups of users

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
One of the most important factors to the success of your website is how much web “traffic” it receives, and this is completely dependent on a properly executed SEO strategy. At Gypsywing, we will approach this process by giving you the facts and specific steps that need to be taken to best deliver a top search engine ranking for your business. We want to align your objectives, budget, and timeline with our carefully created SEO strategy to ensure results for you.

We adjust each SEO strategy to each client, based on your global market, specific niche/business, key phrases, and how similar successful companies have structured their website and SEO strategy.

A good SEO strategy will deliver measurable results. Most simply, increased web traffic, which will accomplish goals for your organization such as:
– Increased product sales
– Motivation to visit your site (as opposed to a similar company’s site)
– Maximize donations
– Providing your information and message to the largest audience possible

Word Press Development
By using Word Press, you are choosing to offer a user-friendly, economical personal website to your clients and prospective customers. We love using Word Press because we can offer our clients the empowerment of being able to easily and quickly manage their own website.
Word Press is an extremely effective and efficient way to get your company, products, and/or services into more areas online, simply because Word Press is so compatible with search engine optimization (SEO). This will increase the probability of a search returning something from YOUR website and will help you achieve high rankings in search engines.

E-Commerce Development
Business transactions through the internet is advantageous to both the customer and the merchant. By including the option for your customer to make purchases through your website, you are increasing sales and profits in an easy, cost-effective way. Gypsywing provides a unique forum to describe services and products in a visual, informative, and interactive way. We will ensure that your business has the best web presence possible in e-commerce and beyond, to launch you ahead of your competition.

Customer Benefits of E-Commerce:
– Ability to quickly and easily order your products/services
– Online system to complete payment quickly
– 24/7 access to shop and buy
– Ability to shop from the comfort of home
– Unmatched selection online, as opposed to local stores
– Quick and easy price comparisons
– Merchant Benefits of E-Commerce
– The ability to capture a customer’s attention and business without a salesperson
– Instant payment for products/services
– Lower cost for set-up and operation, as opposed to local stores
– Expanded customer reach, global presence
– Increased brand/product awareness