CompanyAdvice From Affiliate Marketing Genius Jeremy Schoemaker

This was my favorite DocStoc Startups Uncensored event so far! ShoeMoney founder, Jeremy Schoemaker, shared his secrets on making money through affiliate marketing.

On top of being super informative and candid, he was sooo likeable!!

Amazon’s affiliate program is super easy to sign up for and you’ll earn 8% on the total sale when people buy through your referral link. Not only that, but you’ll also earn 8% on everything that person buys for the 30 days after that original sale!

Best affiliate sources when getting started:


Interesting facts about Jeremy:

  1. Never raised money for any of his businesses
  2. Went from unemployed and broke to a millionaire
  3. No college degree
  4. Built and sold multiple businesses for millions, all based on affiliate marketing
  5. After selling one of his businesses, he gave the programmer who’d been working with him (at $12/hr) a million bucks! “because it was the right thing to do”

My top take-away from the evening:

Jeremy’s keys to success:

  1. Be willing to do do what others won’t do
    Push boundaries – morally, ethically, legally
  2. Ads that get clicked on:
    -no matter what is being advertised) – females “chicks get clicks”
    -recognizable brands

  3. What’s important for getting clicks
    -The image
    -The headline (but not nearly as important as the image)
    The body copy barely matters

Every successful site/brand Jeremy’s built has a spokesperson

  1. Rather than be the affiliate marketer
    better to have product that affiliates are selling for you
  2. The product owners will sometimes take the successful affiliate marketers strategies and just use them on their own
  3. The affiliate marketers take the risk
    by testing and promoting the product in various channels with no guarantee on how long the affiliate offer will continue
  4. Affiliate marketing has a ton of fraud
    don’t be one of those guys
  5. The most successful affiliate offers
    are the ones that people have to work for – completing a survey or quiz – they feel like they EARNED it, therefore they want it
  6. Create surveys
    to determine what content people want, then you have a pre-qualified list of leads and know exactly what offers to send
  7. DocStoc is creating a series of apps to help small business owners!


If you’re in SoCal, check out the next event. You can get more info at




Lolo Siderman received her degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of business in 2010, after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in graphic design. She has successfully started and either managed or co-managed four companies in a variety of industries, such as design, real estate services, and sports training.

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