CompanyFacebook Pages Vs. Facebook Groups: Which is best for your business?

  1. Determine your desired level of privacy
  2. Groups offer more privacy than Pages
  3. Decide how vast of a reach you want
  4. Pages reach a greater number of people than Groups
  5. Figure out how you want communication to occur
  6. Page: company shares with community Group: community shares with each other

Do I need a Facebook page or a Facebook group and what’s the difference?


Thinking about whether you want what’s posted on your page or group to be available to everyone or if it’s something that you want to keep just for the people who are part of that group or page. If you want more privacy then a group is a way to go. If you’re fine with that being open to everyone then go with the Page.


How many followers do you want or group members? If you want to go very big, a page is the way to go. If you’re thinking smaller, you know, maybe a 100 or 500 people then a group might be better but as you add more and more people to a group you loose capabilities and it just doesn’t function as well. So, the bigger goals go with the page. The smaller communities go with the group.


do you want the people who are involved in a page or group to be sharing with each other or do you basically want to be you communicating out to the people who are following. If it’s basically your company or your brand or your self communicating to them, you want to go with the page. If you want them to be involved with each other and to be aware of each other’s postings, then you go with the group.

So, hopefully that helped a little bit with understanding the differences between pages and groups and which is better for you.

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