CompanyYet another horrendous name&logo… TOMATO BANK!!!

August 22, 2011 –

Tomato Bank??? TOMATO BANK???? Really?

Who in their right mind is going to Tomato Bank? Couldn’t help myself from taking a pic today to share my horror with the world.

Names and logos are important when building a business! Every entrepreneur needs to evaluate who their customers will be and consider what that customer expects from the business. In the case of a bank that would be security, stability, integrity… Tomatoes don’t bring any of those adjectives to mind.

I checked out their site, because I thought maybe they had some weird niche market for farmers or circus clowns, but no. They are a normal bank. A “normal” bank that decided to name itself after tomatoes.

If you’re reading this Tomato Bank, call me to discuss a rebrand.



Lolo Siderman received her degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of business in 2010, after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in graphic design. She has successfully started and either managed or co-managed four companies in a variety of industries, such as design, real estate services, and sports training.

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