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Entrepreneur Mag Growth Conference 2012 – Long Beach, CA

Jan 11 – Once again, Entrepreneur Magazine organized a fantastic and FREE event in Long Beach! I had to take off during lunch, so only saw the keynote and one seminar, but I did get the opportunity to chat with editor Michelle Juergen and met a ton of wonderful entrepreneurs!


Thoughts on key note speaker Chris Brogan –

Main piece of advice: become your own tv channel or magazine this year. Content creation is key.
I liked him and I respect his work, but didn’t really hear anything new and crazy. He touched on Google+, but didn’t share any real tips which I found disappointing.


TakeAways from the Branding seminar with Erika Napoletano = AWESOME! (check her out at

I wasn’t really expecting anything much, but she was FANTASTIC! Totally inspiring. Some of her advice that I really enjoyed:

• It’s BtoH (business to human) – forget BtoC and BtoB
Although there are still areas where I believe it’s important to make decisions with the B2B vs B2C thought process, I loved this B2H concept. The truth is we are always doing business with people and it’s important to remember that, no matter what industry we’re in.

• Every buying decision is emotional on some level
Erika talked through some buying choices – from involved to simple – to illustrate how emotions connect with all our purchasing choices. And when it comes to brands we love, the feelings are strong! Best quote “I would make sweet love to my apple phone”. Not sure if I’m quite there yet, but I do consider my iphone and macbook as actual parts of my body. Bionic woman style.

• Consider this question, “Who don’t I want to do business with?”
Erika talked about the importance of enjoying our clients. Work with people you want to talk with. Work with people who you feel comfortable with. Don’t fight who you are and don’t torture yourself by working with people whom you dread speaking to.

• Successful brands don’t frustrate their customers

• If you want people to share your brand, they need to feel like they’re part of it
Sharing a brand can serve people’s needs to: 1) feel important and 2) help others
Everyone wants to feel important, and we’re naturally altruistic.
Make sharing easy by adding social sharing buttons, forums, and incentives

• If you’re being interviewed, include a client
They’ll share with everyone they know, they’ll appreciate and love you for it, it rounds out your image, and it will let other clients know that your brand embraces it’s customers/clients

When working out your rates and dealing with fears that the client will think you’re overpriced or not worth it, here’s what Erika tells people:
“You can get a whole lot shittier work for more money than I’m charging”!! Haha SO TRUE!!!

Thanks Entrepreneur!

Lolo Siderman received her degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of business in 2010, after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in graphic design. She has successfully started and either managed or co-managed four companies in a variety of industries, such as design, real estate services, and sports training.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the conference and thanks for sharing part of your day – and your blog – with me! Look forward to staying in touch…and I still must say: FABULOUS hair!

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