CompanyUpdating Your Company Logo

March 24, 2011 – Many have been tempted to upgrade their company logo, but determining how, when, and why can be a daunting task. In some cases we’ve seen major corporations miss the mark (not naming any names… GAP!). But, when done correctly, a logo upgrade can greatly enhance a company’s image. Successfully adapting a[…..]

Updating Your Company Logo


CompanySpeaking With High School Students at DaVinci High

March 7, 2011 – This morning our CEO, Laura Siderman, visited the DaVinci School of Science and Design to speak with a talented group of students about her unique journey to her current position. As part of the presentation, she assigned them a project – design their own company business cards using any shapes, materials,[…..]

Speaking With High School Students at DaVinci High


CompanyWe’ve Moved Headquarters (but not far)

March 1, 2011 – Friends and Fans, Just an FYI (effective Feb 2011) – we’ve moved our main office to 11400 Olympic Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles 90064. We can and will still receive mail sent to the old address, so don’t stress about changing your mailing info, but if you want to stop in[…..]


CompanyTop 5 List: How to Network Like a Pro

We’ve all been to networking events, some of us more than others, but how often do YOU make solid connections? If the answer is “not very often”, you may need to reassess your follow up skills. As the president of Gypsywing I spend quite a bit of time networking and have discovered 5 key elements[…..]

Top 5 List: How to Network Like a Pro


CompanyTop 10 Networking Questions

Sure, we all know networking is key, but what do you say when you do have the opportunity to talk with other professionals? How do you make that a meaningful conversation? According to Bob Burg, there are 10 tried-and-true questions that will keep the conversation flowing. Take a look and use as needed, but don’t[…..]

Top 10 Networking Questions


CompanyFree tips for 2010

2010 will see a dramatic increase in the mobile marketing world by small and large companies alike. What used to be only possible for big-budget companies is now becoming a reality for start-ups. If you aren’t already, you should invest in a mobile device to take your office on the go, and your website should[…..]

Free tips for 2010


CompanyHow to Stay Ahead of the Competition

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing world you have to focus more on competitors, and less on executing your old success formula. You have to be part of disrupting and changing markets in order to compete effectively. Here are my top ten tips to stay ahead of the competition: Develop more future scenarios. Too many[…..]

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition


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