CompanySPJLA Holiday Party!

Big thanks to Frank Mottek, President of the Society of Professional Journalists for inviting me! What a wonderful group of individuals! From getting a first hand description of how and why we had those INTENSE winds (which were occurring on the same night as the party) from San Diego’s weatherman, Kyle Hunter, to talking with[…..]

SPJLA Holiday Party!


CompanyHow to Network Like a Pro

November 29, 2011- Lolo Siderman’s tips for networking like a Pro. Contact information and background research Building trust through multiple contacts Quick and easy online communication builds trust Avoid the Big No-No: Ultra Casual Email Communication


CompanyHow to Get a Logo You’ll Love Without Spending a Fortune

November 22, 2011- In this video Lolo Siderman gives her tips to get a logo you’ll love without breaking your budget. Don’t be lazy! Don’t assume the designer knows what you need or want Get online and google your industry/business category 5 adjectives to describe the personality of your business Color preferences Find a few[…..]


Company5 Companies Control 64% of All Online Spending

5 Companies Control 64% of All Online Spending Nov 3, 2011 – Check out this chart from Business Insider, showing Darren Herman’s analysis of digital ad revenues. Google’s dominance is clear, but it will be interesting to see 2011, 2012, 2013, as some of the other social media outlets begin jumping into the digital ad[…..]

5 Companies Control 64% of All Online Spending


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